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Pleasure supplier

In addition to ensuring an original and unifying animation, the selfie terminal is a real communication tool for your brand, your event, your product launch, store opening, etc.

Instant Printing, Animated GIFS, Sharing on Social Networks, Full Customization ...

So many added values ​​that will bring a plus to your event. Stay one step ahead and enjoy this customized tool at all levels

Before your event :

  • 1 pose / 2 poses / 3 poses / 4 poses

  • Customize from A to Z the 10 x15 cm or 5 x 15 cm photo templates in the colors of your event.  With a dye sublimation printer, give your guests impeccable photo quality.

  • Customize the interface screens according to your charter for a unique customer experience and a successful event.

During your event :

  • The kiosk has one goal : to combine fun with your event and communication with your customers.  Generating a good mood and a relaxed atmosphere, the Selfborne will be your companion to capture the attention and offer an experience that your guest will remember.

  • Sharing on networks / sending by email / Setting the number of prints per photo, languages, filters, and well, much more!

After your event :

  • The SELFBORNE shares photos taken on your facebook and twitter account.  Your guests can send their own photo via email : For post-event communication.  In other words, we will talk about you after your event!

  • Retrieve the email addresses of your consenting costumers to enrich your database.

  • Get all the pictures on a USB stick to communicate even more!

  • Finaly, the photo, whether it can be more serious or fun, will be a concrete memory of your event for yours guests.

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